the best of both worlds

(Photos by Monica, Writing by me)

The good people of Montana Brew Bar invited me down for a tasting and i was more than thrilled to try their new menu + visually feast on the new store space. If you didn't already know, Montana Brew Bar used to be on level one, next to Ya Kun Kaya. Their original shop, though small, is usually bustling on the weekends, packed with people who must've heard of their legendary Mac n' Cheese waffles... which we'll get to later.

While i'm definitely not a black coffee drinker, i couldn't resist trying their new range of Coconut Cold Brews. Mostly because i am a sucker for anything coconut and coffee. Coconut and coffee together? GIMME. Montana is one of the first few coffee joints to infuse coconut water into their heavenly brews and we got to experience it firsthand.

The Coconut Cold Brew (left) comes separately with a flask of coffee + a sphere of frozen coconut water on the side. Yeah, real fancy. We were told that it melts slower than regular ice and as it does, infuses with the slightly bitter brew to give just the right amount of sweetness. The Gula Melaka Coconut Cold Brew (right) were both our favourite. It was sweeter than the original one we had and had a local flavour to it. Shiok ah!!!

I told you we'll get to this! This wasn't my first time trying this and it was still a pleasant experience. As a big time fan of all things mac n' cheese (and bringing up the fact that i NEVER finish any plate of mac n' cheese i get), this was a pretty easy waffle to continuously pick at. Just the right about of cheesiness with a hint of spice and of course, you could smell this waffle heading your way from the counter. TRUFFLE OIL!!!

THIS was the main attraction of the afternoon. The Assam Crab Waffle has been the best waffle experience i've had thus far. I'm not a fan per se but the heavenly & generous toppings of pineapples, cucumbers and crab combined with the flavourful assam waffle resulted in an explosion of beautifully complimenting flavours. Also appreciated the extra dipping sauce on the side, which consisted of a range of ingredients, including Gula Melaka.

Though i'm not a fan of Black Sesame, this dessert waffle topped with miso caramel sauce was a great first experience. I really dislike flavours like red bean and yam etc in my dessert but if i had closed my eyes i wouldn't have guessed that it was black sesame at all. Here's the green light for all the black sesame fans out there: this is a dessert you'll need to save space for.

We also got to try the Red Velvet Burger (burger??!) which had a scoop of Ferrero Rocher ice-cream sandwiched between two red velvet-y buns. Not exactly my favourite because i'm not a fan of red velvet at all, but the ice cream is DEFINITELY worth a shot. Also noticed that they had a new donut stall located inside and rest assured, we'll be back for more!

Montana Brew Bar

Located at Pomo, 1 Selegie Rd

Opens Daily from 8am - 9:30pm