new beginnings


Pajama top by Splendid via Shopbop 

It's been almost two weeks since i landed. My suitcases are merely empty spaces now that my clothes have been hung up. Can you imagine buying hundreds of hangers in one shot? most people accumulate that much over the years as their collection of clothing grows but me, i've sped up that process by this much. My receipts at Primark say that i've spent way too much; bedsheets, duvets, pillows... This is all part of settling in i guess, having to buy the everyday essentials all over again. 

Being in such a big place has a tendency of making you feel so very small; exactly what i've been feeling since I got off my airport transfer to my (new and unfamiliar) doorstep. I am a long way from home and It certainly does feel painfully humbling. I am a nobody until i become somebody.  

I also can't wait to start school and meet the creative minds over here. Counting down to the first day of school next week by touring London bit by bit, slowly savouring everything it has to offer! But as scary as it has been, i'm grateful to be alive and in London. For all of you who has been following my journey, Thank you thank you thank you! It makes me feel less alone.

Shot by Vivien Tan