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knee high boots by Dolce Vita via Shopbop

Sunny day in London spent scouting for asian food in my sexy knee high boots. I swear, my tastebuds are sometimes more Chinese than they are Indian. If anyone is wondering, though, we did find a legitimate asian place and as dodgy as the name suggests, Oriental Canteen (located at 2A Exhibition Rd.), does serve up some pretty decent char siew and sio bak in a little hole-in-the-wall joint. 

I've also discovered the magic that is Harrods! Ah, it feels so much like christmas time over here. From the lil' Christmas section to the mass of fairy lights that cover the entire facade of the beautifully aged building.

It doesn't feel like anything, really, being away from home this Christmas, or maybe it just haven't fully hit me that i am not here on holiday. It does tend to feel that way sometimes and maybe i just have to make my own magic in London this December twenty-fifth.