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Oh Mui Ne,

you are beautiful.

Woke up at 4:30am to whizz around in an open-aired jeep (which i changed in, YOLO) to catch the sunrise at the first sand dune. 

The second sand dune, though, was a little bit underwhelming. A replica of the previous one we saw, littered with ATVs tourists like us, this stop seemed like a homely area as there were many locals running around and selling random things. There were so many kids that kept bugging us "you want to slide?" to buy their boards so we could slide down the slopes. Did NOT fall for the tourist trap, if you were wondering. 

Nevertheless, just standing there while we let our toes sink into the cool, fine sand and watching as the local go about their daily routines of trying to earn a living, was a soul-swelling experience. Made me feel so lucky to be alive and also, so blessed to be able to see the world.