The photographers Playbook — 001



‘AccentsofFilm’, as you know, has been running for awhile and it's humbling to see where i've started from — first, your everyday disposable camera and now, my thrifted Minolta XG-1 (£45 pounds from Bricklane, if anyone was wondering)

this series of pictures takes you through intimate moments of my days so far in London. This project, from The Photographer's Playbook, requires me to document failed projects — ideas that we've abandoned and quit. 

It’s 2017 and i’m sure by now, everyone who has followed me this far (thanks, guys) will know that I am the queen of procrastination. No, really, I’m not just making this up.

Over the past few years, i’ve had so many projects that were started on a whim, with a lot of passion, I must add, that have never made it out to see daylight. The last few months of 2016 saw me take a dive down the deep end of the pool where I was going through a lot of self-doubt and disappointment. But that’s a separate conversation altogether.

This book — The Photographer's Playbook — was brought to my attention by my dearest Faiyaz one day while we were both talking about how lazy and unmotivated we’ve been. 

Perhaps it could be the fact that everyone is blogging these days and that I’ve lost the purpose of it all. Who am i doing this for, anyway? And then I am reminded that I got on this platform when i was sixteen to document. And in the process of documenting, I ended up inspiring a few of you, who have reached out to express their gratitude to me.

I’ve always wanted to be someone who inspires other girls, other brown girls specifically, to love the skin they're in. To embrace their heritage and quirks that come along with it. I’ve wanted to be part of this thriving industry that creates and collaborates. Am i there yet? Not quite. But I'll keep working at that. But I'll learn to love my failed projects, and maybe try to revisit them every now and then to reignite something.