Winter woes


All clothing shown here from KODZ 

I don't know how people stay so unbelievably stylish with the erratic weather here (more than Singapore... or really?) I'm always having trouble finding the balance between staying warm and looking stylish. Fashion is, after all, a form of self-expression.

Well...To me, at least.

I have, though, been finding my way round this thing, figuring out what works best for me and how to make clothes like turtlenecks and midi skirts — something i never thought i'd ever wear — look effortlessly stylish all while still ensuring that my arms and legs don't freeze off my bones.

LAYERING — Yes! Layering. Even with pieces that aren't exactly winter appropriate, like slip dresses and bralettes, there's always a way to wear them; whether it's over thick, cosy knit jumpers or turtleneck sweaters. I swear, i thought i had it bad back home with the heat but really, I applaud every stylish person on the street who has either a) found a way to bear with the cold or b) mastered the art of dressing for the weather.

Let's just say that i've been taking the heat and the sun for granted and i absolutely cannot wait for it to come out again! But till then, i'll keep going at it.  

Sending out lots of love to KODZ  for these lovely pieces! X