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“MY BB LOVE” - The five minute short film was conceptualised and produced by local influencers Jemimah Wei and Trishna Goklani, and creatively showcases the diverse range of Laneige’s BB Cushion shades while offering a fresh take on beauty and representation in Singapore.

Laneige local brand ambassador and writer Jemimah Wei (@jemmawei) and fashion stylist and influencer Trishna Goklani (@trishnarawr) have teamed up to write and produce rom-com short film “My BB Love” in partnership with Laneige Singapore, showcasing Laneige’s diverse range of BB Cushions for different skin tones while pushing the boundaries of how brands and influencers can collaborate in meaningful ways. The campaign, which was conceptualised based on the experiences of Trishna and translated to film by Jemimah, hopes to spark positive conversation regarding the issue of representation both in the beauty industry and media landscape in Singapore.

“It’s undeniable that the role of the beauty industry goes beyond just product creation - it has a huge impact on how girls see themselves and how society sees girls,” Jemimah said, “This campaign is actually a whole year in the making and when we conceptualised it, I knew it had to be Laneige we ultimately pitched to - it’s a brand uniquely positioned in the local market to comment on this issue because it’s not only the iconic BB cushion brand, it’s one of the only brands in Singapore to carry a range of BB Cushions that actually complements a variety of skin tones.”

Trishna agrees: “From young, my skin tone has coloured my experiences in life - one of my strongest defining memories was a guy I liked saying he wouldn’t date me because of my skin color, which is a really awful and hurtful thing to hear at the age of 14. And then it happened again at 18, and again at 20! Add that to the fact that growing up as a beauty junkie, I’ve constantly been told through marketing and stock availability that I’m not within the “normal” range of shades (which is something girls like me feel very strongly about). That’s why this project is really close to my heart - that this giant international brand not only stocks an amazing and inclusive product, but that they’ve also backed and enabled this entire collaboration - it means so much to girls like me who recognise through this representation and execution that our marketing dollar is worth something to the brand. This is a great step, and I’m hopeful that it will spark more conversation and action around this topic.”

Laneige first expanded its range of skin tone shades for its bestselling product - the BB Cushion - two years ago to cater to the growing ASEAN market. The BB cushion is consistently rated the number one selling cushion globally, having sold over 14.8 million units to date. Currently, the cushion comes in three finishes - Pore Control, Whitening, and Anti-ageing - all of which cater four of ten shades to a darker-skinned audience.

Ms Lim Yi Fang, Laneige’s brand general manager in Singapore, declares the entire Singapore Laneige team thrilled about this collaboration. “There has been a perfect synergy between Jemma and Laneige ever since we started working with her two years ago, and this project embodies everything we stand for,” she said. “Laneige’s tagline is to “Unleash your Sparkling Beauty, and we believe that all women should embrace their own uniqueness and individuality - there is no one single definition to beauty, which is something we reflect in our skincare and makeup lines.”

Ms Sherin Tan, Amore Pacific Digital Manager, is equally excited and especially glad that this project was conceptualised by the two girls. “This is what we love to see - women supporting women. We can’t wait to see what these girls will do next.”

“My BB Love” is now available to watch on the Laneige Singapore Facebook page.


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The Dapper Jane Project

Instead of basing my final year project on tangible themes like nature or architecture, i decided to touch on the intangibles like issues in the modern society — feminism, being the main focus of this collection. 

Inspired by strong women of the thirties, namely Katherine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich, The Dapper Jane is more than just a collection. It is an ideal. a lifestyle. Something to embody as a young and independent woman trying to find a place in this world.   

Consisting of deconstructed suits stolen from the boys, blasted with feminine silhouettes and its signature bareback, The Dapper Jane is a woman who isn't afraid of beating the boys to the top. And looking good while she's at it. After all, they can't wear the dresses but we sure can wear the pants.